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Group at a Glance: : Naif Engineering & Builders was founded by noted business entrepreneur Md. Nazmul Haque Khan in 2015. After serving as a reputed Civil engineering consultant in abroad he returned to Bangladesh with hopes of helping to develop the country and give back to the hard working men and women of this proud nation. Then he founded Naif Group in 2017. Currently, Naif Group operates 5 sister concern companies whose are continuously growing. Being made in the first AAC environment friendly block in Bangladesh. Our purpose is to stop burning Clay Bricks and save our agricultural land by creating Eco-friendly block. We want to leave the green world for our next generation.

Naif group have interested in Civil engineering consultancy, construction, PEB, pre engineering building, Iron solutions, Eco friendly manufacturing block and panel, building material supply, Ultra-modern storage and material handling system with automated warehouse, web design, software development and e-commerce.

Naif Engineering & Builders: We are the Floor Specialist in Bangladesh. NEABL is the first digital and technological based self-dependent (Superflat floor) constructing organization. We have constructed around 5 million square feet high tolerance zero undulation superflat floor in Ispahani Summit Alliance Terminals Ltd., Summit Group, Ifad Autos Limited, JMI Group, Badsha Group of Industries, Edison Group, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant etc and we have more than 10 ongoing superflat floor projects. We provide turnkey project. We have also experience to construct automated warehouse, Modern facilitated Cold storage, Nuclear Power plant, Thermal Power Plant, Coal Fired Power Plant, Road & Express High Way, Steel structure building, Bricks factory, Factory building- Garments, Textile, Yarn Denim, Yarn dyeing, Academics building, Auditoriums, Stadium, Airport Runway, Airport warehouse and so on in different places around the world. We are applicator of SLE, PU, and Epoxy Floor paint using modern digital technology. We want to build a strong and lasting framework for our next generation.

Naif Iron Solutions Ltd: Specializes in providing complete solutions including consulting, design, fabrication and erection of high-quality pre-engineered steel building. We also provide large value of MS Steel tank for diesel tank, soya bean oil tank, crude oil tank and supported pipe line work. Gas pipe line and large value of welding job. Since its establishment in 2017, NISL has implemented more than 10 steel buildings across in Bangladesh. We provide customers with full steel structures such as factory, warehouse, high-rise building, heavy industry, shopping mall, exhibition centers, infrastructure (railway stations, airports, Metro Rail, Power plant …).

Slogan: Promises for quality.

Vision: Continuous Innovation, research and development. Creating a sizzle. A genuine concern for the health of our consumers and remain focused.

Mission statement: will stand apart from the competition by maintaining value for money innovative products and reaching to every corner in Bangladesh as well as having a presence in the International arena.

Management and Marketing Philosophy: SMART Management- Being Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Timebound. Reflecting the market need with value for money positioning.

Corporate values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Leadership
  • Customer Delight

The Team: We have professional sets of people working in our various business sectors. The team is dedicated to ensure the mission of the company.They maintain high standard of corporate culture throughout the organization. The team has got mix of experience length, age and gender.

General Information

Name of the CompanyNaif Group
Year of Establishment2017
Number of Employee1100
Staff Turnover Rate10%
In House LanguageEnglish, Bengali

Mile Stones

#Company Name Establishing Year
1Naif Engineering & Builders2014
2Naif Iron Solutions Ltd.2017
3Naif Light Weight Building Solutions Ltd.2017
4Naif Storage & Material Handling Systems Ltd.2017
5Naif IT Solutions Ltd.2018
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